Med Fax

HIPAA compliant Cloud Platform for HealthCare Faxing

Our Platform

Fax is universal, ubiquitous and here to stay. Using the Med Fax RESTful API, your software can submit faxes to be sent, retrieve incoming faxes, and file the incoming faxes into the corresponding patient chart from within your custom workflow process. Our platform delivers HIPAA-secure cloud faxing that will help displace manual processes that are inefficient and time consuming. We provide best practice assistance with your current development team to offer a personalized integration with your EMR or any custom software. We are built to scale.

Use Case

Specialty Pharmacy; Home Health Agency; Practices; Accountable Care Organizations


Choose a license that works for you


500 Pages/mo.

$0.035/additional page

Additional fax# - $4.95 ea.

Custom Workflows


1000 Pages/mo.

$0.025/additional page

Additional fax# - $4.95 ea.

Custom Workflows

Barcode Recognition


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